Boiler Service: Why is it So Important?

We’re going to be looking at the importance of a boiler service. It’s important because without making sure it’s in full working order you put yourself in danger of a gas related accident, you risk needlessly wasting energy, and also find yourself unable to heat your home effectively.

Danger Zone

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s very important that you service your boiler regularly because a faulty one could cost lives. A boiler that’s working properly can be extremely dangerous, and it isn’t just because of a potential explosion, many people end up in hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning because of leaking boilers.

Wasted Energy and Money

We’ve also briefly mentioned how you can waste energy if your boiler isn’t working properly. If you have a faulty boiler then it may not run as efficiently as you’d like, which means that you’re squandering energy and losing money. Also, consider the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind.

Have Your Boiler Serviced and Save Money

If you have a fully qualified engineer to service your boiler to make sure there are no faults, and that it's running efficiently, you’re protecting not only your home but your purse. You’re likely to save money in the long-term by making sure your boiler is in tip top condition. You’ll reduce fuel bills and make sure you do something to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Insuring Your Boiler

If you have insurance on your boiler, then you need to make sure it’s still valid. Most boilers have warranties and if you run a business on commercial premises will require a boiler warranty so you can ensure the boiler’s safety. If you have your boiler service carried out annually then this should be sufficient for most insurance policy requirements. Always check that this is the case with your insurance provider.

When should you have your boiler serviced?

The best time to have your boiler serviced is usually during the summer months. You’ll be using your boiler a lot during the autumn and winter months due to the cold weather, so during the warmer months is probably best. You’ll need to turn off your boiler before a service, usually about an hour before, so this will leave you with no heating, so warmer weather is best.

Hometech Plumbing & Heating – Boiler Service in Edinburgh

Don’t put your health, your family or your home at risk, make sure your boiler undergoes a thorough servicing at least once a year. Here at Hometech Plumbing & Heating we have a team of professionally, trained and qualified heating engineers who are amply qualified to carry out a boiler service. Get in touch today and we can arrange a visit to your home or business.