The Benefits of Power Flushing

In this month’s blog we’re talking about the benefits of power flushing and how to make sure your central heating system is maintained so you get the best out of it. Power flushing is a fast and effective way of getting your whole heating system cleaned out.

If you know how to bleed your radiators, you may have noticed that the water is dirty. If this is the case then it’s probably time to get your central heating system power flushed as this is sign of a build-up of dirt.

An effective way to clean your heating system

It’s effective because it uses high strength cleansing chemicals, using a descaler, sludge breaker and corrosion inhibitor all of which will clean out your central heating system, giving you more even and reliable heating throughout your home.

Is your boiler working properly?

The question is, how do you know when your boiler is in need of power flushing? Well, you may have noticed that your boiler is noisy and that the heat coming from it is inconsistent? Your radiators may have cold spots and are no longer able to heat up properly. If so, then it could be that your entire system needs a good clean-out and power flushing will do exactly that.

What are the benefits of power flushing?

Not only is it powerful and effective, it also extends the life of your central heating system, making it more reliable, more effective which in turn will result in more energy efficiency, which is kinder to the environment too. You’ll also save money because your utility bills will be lower. It could also help to increase hot water temperatures, so showers are no longer lukewarm when you get in in the morning. It can speed up radiator convection and give you peace of mind, and even better, less opportunity for your boiler to breakdown.

And you’ll see changes immediately

You’ll be able to feel the difference almost immediately once you’ve had a power flush clean out your system. It will start working far more consistently and efficiently. The flow of hot water will be more regular and consistent to and there’ll be a greater reduction in noise coming from the pipes.

How often should I power flush?

Normally, a power flush is usually only needed every five years or so as part of your system’s regular maintenance. However, if you’re installing a new boiler, then a power flush is a good idea. You may be interested to know that our heating engineers also provide a power flush when you have your old boiler upgraded.

Hometech can attend to all your heating needs

If you think you need your central heating system cleaned out, then get in touch with us and our dedicated team of heating engineers can help you. Give us a call today and don’t struggle on with an ineffective central heating system.

Do You Need To Replace Your Boiler?

Are you hearing noises you shouldn’t be, and are they coming from the boiler? If you’re unsure whether your boiler has much life left in it, then it could be that it’s time for a new one. We’re here to help because we have the right level of expertise to help you choose the right replacement boiler.

Finance - an Impressive Range of Boilers to Choose From

We’ve a wide range of boilers to choose from and now there’s finance available with flexible repayment options. We all know how expensive it can be to buy a new boiler, it’s something we all dread and it never comes at a good time. However, we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure our customers get the right boiler, before the other one packs in! Remember we guarantee that the quote we give you is the price you’ll pay.

We’re Registered and Qualified to Carry Out a Boiler Installation

We’re also Gas Safe engineers and we’re registered with a government approved scheme, so when we come to install your new boiler, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’ll work safely and immediately after we’ve plumbed it in for you. We’ll help you choose an energy efficient boiler that helps you to save money and helps the environment at the same time.

We Won’t Make You Buy an Expensive Boiler

With boiler installations we help the client choose a new boiler that’s suited to their budget rather than pressure you into purchasing one that’s far more than you’d planned on spending. We always spend time talking things through with our clients and helping them choose a boiler that’s right for them, so our consultations are always thorough. With one of our boilers you’ll also get regular servicing and a warranty.

Annual Boiler Checks

As you may be aware, your boiler needs checked each year to make sure it’s working as it should and not causing a danger to anyone in your home. What we’ll do is make sure one of our dedicated team members contacts you after a year so we can arrange for one of our registered engineers to come round and check your boiler. That way you’ll never need to worry.

Boiler Installation From the Experts – Hometech Heating & Plumbing.

If you’re in need of a new boiler then please get in touch and let us know, because we’d love to be the company you choose – and you really will get the best value and a first class customer service. Give us a call today so we can talk you through your choices, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Who Do You Turn to When You Have a Problem with Blocked Drains?

As we get on with the hustle and bustle of daily living, your drains are the least of your priorities. Once you identify an issue however, it becomes a very different matter. We’d like to think you’d turn to us if you found a problem, after all, we are a premier heating and plumbing business with expert knowledge on drainage. Problem is, what tell-tale signs are there to watch out for when you do have a problem with your drains?

Water gurgling, water not going down the drain and overflows

Take a look around and if you don’t feel confident doing that, ask someone else to do it. Look out for broken, collapsed pipes or joints in the piping that have become misplaced. There are tell tale signs in both the bathroom and kitchen, such as water not flowing properly and constant gurgling noises. Also watch out for toilets or sinks overflowing, or water from your washing machine coming up in another area of the house, possibly the bathroom or kitchen sink, instead of draining away outside.

Always keep an eye out for those hard to spot signs

Look out for bad smells, sulphurous in nature, as this is a sign of trapped waste that has nowhere to go. In some cases, you may find that your washing machine won’t even turn on. Don’t panic, it may be that the drains that are playing up and it’s at this point, once you’ve identified some of the key points we’ve raised here, that you pick up the phone and call a reputable plumber.

Call Hometech for your drainage services

Hopefully, when you pick up that phone it’ll be us you call. At Hometech we provide a first-rate emergency/quick response service that will help you eliminate your drain issues asap, with minimal fuss. This service will include drain and toilet unblocking, the patching of damaged pipes with liners and include use of other techniques suited to the issue we’re dealing with. We’re a team of professionals who will consult with you and make sure you’re kept abreast of what’s going on all the way through the process.

No fuss, no mess, just a professional job

We’ll use CCTV footage to check what the problem is and always make sure we use the right tools and products at our disposal for blocked drains. We also strive to ensure there’s little fuss and minimal disruption to you and your family during the entire process.

Hometech Plumbing & Heating drainage services - for the best in drainage repairs

We offer solutions to all of your plumbing problems, and advice and guidance where it’s needed. No job is ever too big or small and all the work we carry out on your drains is guaranteed so you have peace of mind once it’s completed. Who do you want to call in a drainage crisis? We’re hoping you’ll turn to us.

Have You Considered Installing Underfloor Heating?

Having underfloor heating installed in your home isn’t just about the luxurious aspect of things, there are many other useful benefits in having it installed too. We’re going to be go over this here, and then you’ll be able to make an informed educated choice over whether or not you’d like to have underfloor heating installed in your home.

Underfloor Heating Is An Investment

Despite the initial investment, underfloor heating will save you money in the long-term. There are considerable savings to be made on energy bills as one unit can heat a much wider area than with conventional heating, and over time this can save you up to 40% on your utility bills. It’s also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Two types of underfloor heating

There are two types of underfloor heating, this includes water based and dry. A water based underfloor heating system can sit underneath most types of floor surface. However, water-based systems are a little more complicated to install and a little more expensive. Having said that as mentioned earlier, you can make savings over the long-term on your heating bills, so it’s entirely possible to get back what you originally invested.

The expense and complex nature of installation might go some way to explaining why homeowners tend to go with dry underfloor heating in the main. The pipes can be quite difficult to reach should there be any problems once you’ve had it installed.

Dry (electric) underfloor heating

On the other hand dry, electric, underfloor heating is quite inexpensive to install in comparison to water based underfloor heating. There’s no pipework and this might explain why it’s much easier to install as well. It works particularly well on upper floors. It can be expensive to run though, and you’ll need to be careful about where you place furniture and any heavy items.

Consistent heat from the roof to the floor

Underfloor heating works well with solar panels and offers consistent heat in all rooms from the top to the bottom of the house. Even with your windows open, heat is retained and the reason for this is that heat travels upwards rather than outwards – and this is good news when you’re trying to keep your home warm on a particularly cold day. If you’re trying to get some fresh air into the rooms for whatever reason, opening a window can be a quick and easy way of doing it, and with underfloor heating the rooms will remain warm and cosy even with the windows open.

Reducing wasted energy, giving you cleaner, sharper air

Underfloor heating also offers smarter heating control, reduces wasted energy and produces cleaner, sharper air, which means there may be less colds, flu and viruses in winter. Radiators can make a room somewhat stuffy when they’re on a high level. Once you’ve had underfloor heating installed, you’ll no longer have any need for radiators and this means there’s also less opportunity for clutter, less dirt and dust, and all in all a healthier indoor environment.

Should you ever decide to sell in the future, as part of the fixtures and fitting, underfloor heating is a great selling point and can really increase the value of your property.

Hometech – for quality underfloor heating

Are you convinced now of the value of underfloor heating in your home? If so, then get in touch with us here at Hometech, and we can talk you through your best options for your property and provide you with a quote. Don’t worry if you have a strict budget, we can try and come up with something that works for you. Underfloor heating will work with most types of flooring, but we can discuss that with you if you’re particularly concerned.

We offer professional and safe underfloor heating installation with minimal downtime and no mess, we always clean up before we leave. Give us a call today!

Looking For A Brand New Bathroom?

As we leave the shorter days behind us and approach the lighter, sunnier season we’re bound to start looking around our homes and looking for those things that might need to change. The increased amount of light - and hopefully the sun’s rays - means we’ll see those faded corners, ill-fitting or worn out taps and handles and start thinking about a refurb. Today, we’re talking about bathrooms, and because we’re in the business of heating and plumbing, we see and work on a lot of them.

Experienced And Qualified, With Plumbing And Heating Expertise

The Hometech team is significantly experienced, so if you do decide to take the plunge you won’t be disappointed. We’ve a comprehensive all-trade service with a simple process offering minimal disruption and high quality workmanship. Your new bathroom installation, will be all you want it to be, and we can help plan it with you all the way to completion.

Client Planning And Consultation

We take the pain out of designing your bathroom. At Hometech we offer client planning and consultation to help design your bathroom so it’s unique to your needs. That way you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. We give you customer satisfaction guaranteed – because we care.

We Can Discuss How You Want Your Bathroom To Look

We’ll talk about the layout, and the possibility of working on creating more space, or at least the illusion of space. Or perhaps you want to fill up some space, perhaps the bathroom looks a little too large and you’d like to add storage, a few extra units to remove clutter from the floor – this is often a problem for both large and small bathrooms.

Storage Issues Can Be Resolved

Storage is important and we can figure this into your plans if it’s an issue for you. We’ll pay attention to all of the details, focusing on what matters to you so you’ll always have us listening and paying attention to what you want.

Hometech – For All Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

We’re here to help create the bathroom of your dreams, whether it’s one that’s ready-to-fit, or a design in mind that needs creating from scratch. We can help you with your bathroom installation and create the ideal place in which to relax, bathe and unwind after a busy day, in the bathroom you always wanted. Call us today and we can arrange a time to discuss your needs that’s convenient to you.

Your Guide To Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Boiler Installation

It’s important that your boiler works effectively because you could be losing money, and more importantly, if your boiler is not working efficiently it can leak carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. Carbon monoxide isn’t easy to detect because it doesn’t have a scent or colour. We usually advise that people have their boilers serviced at least once a year by a qualified Gas Safety Registered engineer.

What are the benefits of LPG boilers?

An LPG boiler is smaller than most other oil boilers, which also means that you have more choice over where you decide to install the boiler. They’re extremely efficient and flexible, and they’re also easy to manage, working well with thermostatic controls, helping you to save money on energy bills in the long term.

LPG boilers are also compatible with renewable energy sources like solar thermal or solar panels and also extremely quiet, so you’re not constantly having to put up with the usual clunky noise that boiler’s produce when heating up the water and the radiators.

How LPG boilers work

LPG is delivered safely through the pipes and into your heating system, it works particularly well within a wet heating system and is then transported smoothly to the heat in your radiators. It’s an simple yet sophisticated way of heating your home while saving you money and energy, so you get the heat where and when you need it.

Less expense, low maintenance, ease of installation

Combine how LPG boilers work with ease of installation and low maintenance and you can see it’s a very wise choice to heat your home. LPG boilers are considerably cheaper than new oil boilers and because they’re far more energy efficient than their counterparts, they’re also environmentally friendly, being both non-toxic and non-corrosive. This reduces the risk of contamination and you don’t have to check gas levels either as the system does all this for you.

LPG boilers. from Hometech

What’s more if you have an LPG boiler installed through by Hometech, you’ll be able to take advantage of our repair and installation service – that’s regardless of whether you want tanked or bottled LPG installation. We carry out installations throughout West Lothian for both residential and commercial properties.

So now you know the facts, you’re perhaps convinced that an LPG boiler is for you. If that’s the case we’d be more than happy to help you with any further questions you may have and talk you through the whole process. Why not give us a call today?

What Are The Benefits Of Biomass Boilers?

Biomass boilers are affordable and provide a heating system that works. The price of wood fuel can vary, but it is much cheaper than other available heating options. You may also be interested to know that wood fuel boiler systems are also eligible for Renewable Heat Incentives and they’re low carbon, so they’re kinder to the environment.

What Are The Advantages Of Biomass Boilers?

Because biomass boilers are wood fuelled heating systems they’re of great advantage to your purse and to the environment. They can be replaced fairly quickly when used, because re-growing new plants is relatively easy in comparison to regenerating coal.

Carbon Neutral

Wood fuelled heating is also carbon neutral because what it releases in carbon dioxide is reabsorbed by plants. Also, if you were to replace an electrical heating system with wood fuel, you’d be reducing your output of carbon dioxide by nearly 10 tons per year.

Biomass Is Also Good For Disposing Of Waste Wood

Another fact worth taking into consideration is that oil and gas prices are increasing, and this isn’t going to change, but wood fuelled heating is price stable, so your bills aren’t going to soar. Biomass heating is about the same price as gas, but cheaper than electric or coal, so they’re definitely worth considering if you want to replace your current heating system for something more cost efficient.

Any Disadvantages To Biomass Boilers?

They need cleaning regularly - usually around once a week - but if you do it regularly, you get used to it and it gets easier. You’ll need to keep your fuel very dry, so that it burns efficiently, so give storage some serious thought prior to going ahead.

Repairs And Servicing Are Easy And Efficient With Hometech.

With Hometech, you need never worry if your environmentally friendly biomass heating system needs servicing, because we have a dedicated expert team that are trained and experienced to take care of things.

Biomass Boiler Repair At Hometech

At Hometech we focus on the customer and aim to please, striving to provide a reliable and valuable boiler care service. We provide a specialist biomass boiler repair service from a team of experts who have experience in dealing with this type of heating system.

If you’re having any problems with your current biomass heating system, give us a call and one of our dedicated experts would be more than happy to help you.

As a landlord are you fully compliant with the latest gas safety regulations?

If you’re a landlord, you’ll already be aware the different laws and regulations you need to abide by when you rent out your property, but are you aware of the latest gas safety regulations and are you compliant?

The gas safety certificate or gas safety record as it is more often known, is required by law. You can read about this in more detail in the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1998.

What are a landlord’s responsibilities in looking after their property and tenants?

If you’re a local authority, a housing association, hostel, co-operative or private sector landlord, and you own a residential property which you rent out, then you’ll ultimately responsible for maintenance, gas safety checks - including a record of this for the tenant, and any useful information for them - so they can operate any gas facilities safely.

This also applies to those who own bedsits, B&Bs and hotels. Also included is rented accommodation used for vacations, such as chalets, flats, caravans, narrow boats, and cottages. You must ensure that a qualified and registered gas safety engineer and/or plumber carries out a gas safety check, and confirms by signature that they’be done so.

What Landlord Services do Hometech, Edinburgh and West Lothian provide?

Here at Hometech we provide quality servicing and repairs, installations and plumbing solutions. We also provide gas safety certificates and carry out gas safety checks.

Don’t ignore your legal responsibilities, let Hometech carry out your gas safety checks. We also provide PAT testing, installation of smoke alarms and legionella testing.

For all your landlord services call Hometech Heating & Plumbing and give yourself peace of mind. We’re all professionally trained, qualified and knowledgeable in all of the areas we’ve discussed above, so you know where to find us if you need a property checked and tested for safety.

Why You Should Always Get Help When Installing A Boiler

When installing a boiler you need help rather than doing it yourself, because if you do something wrong, you will more than likely cause injury to yourself and possibly your family too. Added to that you could harm people in the neighbouring area, cause irreparable damage to your property and cause a fire. 

Never try installing a boiler by yourself.

The law says that a boiler should always be installed by a Gas Safe registered electrical engineer who will have gone through extensive professional training. Even if you leave it someone you know who has rudimentary knowledge of boiler installation, it could still be dangerous if they don’t have the relevant qualifications necessary to carry out the job safely.

Because it’s a job that should only be done by qualified professionals it pays to spend time finding someone who can do the job with no fuss, and who knows exactly what they’re doing. 

Boiler Install Considerations

There are lots of different factors to also take into consideration when installing a boiler. Because there are different types, and you may have different needs, you’ll need to make sure it’s been installed to your requirements – safely. You may need access to a lot of hot water, especially if you have a large family. 

Perhaps you want the water and the heating to come from the same boiler and be controlled by exactly the same system. But where do you want your boiler? If you want it in a specific place, wherever you decide to put it may have an effect on what type of boiler you end up with. If you’re on a budget it may be prudent to keep your new boiler where your old one was before. It’s possible however, to fit a boiler in any room in your home as long as your pipework can accommodate it. Normally, most boilers are installed inside a cupboard or in the kitchen. 

Which boiler is best?

Any boiler that’s an energy efficient one is the best we believe and having this type of boiler installed will benefit you in the long-term. If you swap from one type of boiler to a different one, it will cause more disruption than if you have a type of boiler that’s identical to the one you had before. Try to make sure then that you know what you’re central heating needs are and where you want everything to be before you agree to have it done, that way it’ll be a smoother and much more relaxing experience. 

Expert Boiler Installation - HomeTech Heating & Plumbing

We hope you found our guidelines on boiler installation helpful. Here at Hometech we have a dedicated team of electrical experts who work on boiler installation and other complex jobs on a regular basis. They are all registered Gas Safe heating engineers, and are qualified and trained to carry out complicated work. If you’d like to discuss your boiler needs with one of our team, please get in touch. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can have your new boiler installed – just don’t try doing it yourself!

Smart Thermostats - Are They Worth Installing?

Smart thermostats are among the latest technology that can improve the way you heat your home. A smart thermostat allows you to remotely control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This technology allows you to heat your home to your preferred temperature at any time of day, from anywhere in the world with internet access. The devices are fair simple to operate, however, they should be installed by an experienced heating engineer.

What’s the Difference Between a Smart Thermostat and a Regular Thermostat?

Older style thermostats are typically controlled via a dial or control pad and fixed to a wall inside your home. It allows you to regulate your home’s temperature by controlling when the heating switches on and off. It may also be possible to program your heating top switch on and off a few times throughout the day, but any adjustments to the programmed settings have to be made manually.

This means that if you are delayed in getting home one evening and don’t need the heating on until much later there is nothing you can do. The same goes if you go on holiday and forget to turn off the heating program, your only option would be to get someone with a key to go to your home to turn it off.

With a smart thermostat in place you can make adjustments to the temperature in your home from wherever you are in the world, at any time. It’s as simple as logging into the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and within a few quick taps you can make any required changes. This allows you to turn the heating up just before you return home, or keeping an eye on the temperature of your home when your away for a couple of weeks during an unexpected cold period.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

It is generally made up of 3 parts, with the first part connecting to the boiler to communicate with the second part. The second part is the thermostat control unit, which is located somewhere within your home. The third and final part the app that has to be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or computer. As long as you have internet access the app can be accessed anywhere in the world to control the temperature of your home.

Choosing the Right Smart Thermostat

This can be very confusing as there is a wide variety of smart thermostats on the market. The best way to make a choice is to contact a reputable heating engineer, such as Hometech, for advice on which is best for your boiler and requirements.

Can a Smart Thermostat Help to Save Money on Energy Bills?

As well as providing convenience and flexibility, smart thermostats can also save you money by helping you to control your heating use more efficiently.

How Can I Find Out More?

If you’d like some more information, have some questions you’d like to ask, or are looking for a qualified and reputable smart thermostat installer then get in touch with out team of experts at Hometech Heating & Plumbing today, we’re happy to help.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Gas Boiler This Summer

It’s been a beautiful warm summer throughout the UK, so most people won’t be worrying about the condition of their boiler or considering having it replaced. When the weather is so good more time is spent outside and in the evening it usually isn’t necessary to have the heating on, and if it is it will be turned down. However, upgrading your old gas boiler during the summer may be a great idea, here are just 5 reasons why.

1. Finding a Experienced, Qualified & Reputable Heating Engineer Will Be Easier

The winter is the busiest time of year for gas engineers, because this is when everyone relies on their boiler and central heating system the most to heat our homes on a daily basis. This means boilers are constantly  at work to heat water and pump it around the heating system, making breakdowns more likely, especially with old models. In planning a boiler replacement during the summer you will be able to choose a heating engineer that has a reputation for high quality workmanship and a reliable service much more easily, as during the winter months they may be booked up well in advance.

2. Plan Your Boiler Upgrade Date in Advance

If your boiler breaks down during the winter, having it repaired or replaced quickly is top priority. However, this may mean having to take time off from work or using up holidays. In thinking ahead and planning your boiler replacement during the summer months you can have the work carried out at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

3. It Will Be Much Less Cold Having Your Boiler Replaced During Summer

A boiler replacement takes time to carry out, and during this period you will not have any heating or hot water. During winter, even a short period without heating can be very unpleasant, using portable heater is an option but they can be very expensive to run and not the best option if you have pets and young children. If you have your boiler replacement carried out during the summer you will still have the inconvenience of no hot water for a period of time, however, not having your central heating operational will be much less noticeable.

4. Avoid an Unexpected Expense at Christmas

Your boiler has to work a lot harder during the winter to keep your home warm and comfortable, which makes it the most likely time for an old boiler to break down. Having to deal with the unexpected expense of a boiler repair or boiler replacement in the run up to Christmas is something everyone wants to avoid. Having a boiler replacement carried out during the summer means that in the unlikely event that this new boiler breaks down, it will be under warranty and will be repaired swiftly.

5. A Summer Boiler Replacement Will Need Serviced in Summer

In order to maintain the full warranty on a new boiler and keep it working safely and efficiently an annual service is usually required. A boiler replacement that is installed during the summer will need to be serviced in summer. As we have already discussed, finding a reputable heating engineer to carry out this work is much easier to do in summer than winter as they generally have greater availability.

Need a Boiler Replacement? Speak to the Experts at Hometech

If you have an old boiler and are considering having a boiler replacement carried out, we’d love to hear from you. Hometech are gas safe registered engineers with extensive experience in boiler installation and servicing. Contact us today for a free quote, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have and tailor our service to your needs.

Boiler Service: Why is it So Important?

We’re going to be looking at the importance of a boiler service. It’s important because without making sure it’s in full working order you put yourself in danger of a gas related accident, you risk needlessly wasting energy, and also find yourself unable to heat your home effectively.

Danger Zone

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s very important that you service your boiler regularly because a faulty one could cost lives. A boiler that’s working properly can be extremely dangerous, and it isn’t just because of a potential explosion, many people end up in hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning because of leaking boilers.

Wasted Energy and Money

We’ve also briefly mentioned how you can waste energy if your boiler isn’t working properly. If you have a faulty boiler then it may not run as efficiently as you’d like, which means that you’re squandering energy and losing money. Also, consider the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind.

Have Your Boiler Serviced and Save Money

If you have a fully qualified engineer to service your boiler to make sure there are no faults, and that it's running efficiently, you’re protecting not only your home but your purse. You’re likely to save money in the long-term by making sure your boiler is in tip top condition. You’ll reduce fuel bills and make sure you do something to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Insuring Your Boiler

If you have insurance on your boiler, then you need to make sure it’s still valid. Most boilers have warranties and if you run a business on commercial premises will require a boiler warranty so you can ensure the boiler’s safety. If you have your boiler service carried out annually then this should be sufficient for most insurance policy requirements. Always check that this is the case with your insurance provider.

When should you have your boiler serviced?

The best time to have your boiler serviced is usually during the summer months. You’ll be using your boiler a lot during the autumn and winter months due to the cold weather, so during the warmer months is probably best. You’ll need to turn off your boiler before a service, usually about an hour before, so this will leave you with no heating, so warmer weather is best.

Hometech Plumbing & Heating – Boiler Service in Edinburgh

Don’t put your health, your family or your home at risk, make sure your boiler undergoes a thorough servicing at least once a year. Here at Hometech Plumbing & Heating we have a team of professionally, trained and qualified heating engineers who are amply qualified to carry out a boiler service. Get in touch today and we can arrange a visit to your home or business.

Case Study: Linlithgow Cross 19th Century Well Restoration

The Brief

The Linlithgow Cross Well is an important heritage feature in the town but had been suffering from many years of neglect. The Well has existed on the site in some form since 1535, having suffered damage and restoration a number of times. The Cross Well's design is an elaborately carved crown with a stepped base and distinct decorative features, including animal heads and other ornate carvings.

This most recent work included restoration of stone works, floodlighting and the water supply for the return of the water works, with this final aspect being undertaken with pride by Hometech.

The Work

We created a detailed plan of the work required to restore the water works to their former glory as you can see in the images attached. We carried out extensive work on the piping underground and leading into the Well as well as using a modern pump system to ensure it works perfectly for many years to come.

The Result

The entire project, including all other aspects of work such as stone-work, took 8 weeks to bring the Well back to life and make it a feature the town can be proud of. The chamber below the well had a time capsule installed with contributions from local organisations and schools for future generations to discover and enjoy.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Heating Engineer to Install Your Boiler

If you’re having a new boiler installation to replace an old one, it’s important you choose a heating engineer that is fully qualified to install it. It isn’t simply a question of sticking it in and then bingo, your boiler is working. There are certain considerations to make, such as, how do you choose a new boiler, and does it even need replacing at all? Seek a second opinion, not just because one person has told you that you need to change it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Are They Gas Safe Registered?

Before you choose a heating engineer you need to make some checks first. Make sure you confirm whether or not they are Gas Safe registered, and if you’re having an oil boiler installed, check that they’re OFTEC registered. You don’t want someone working on your boiler who isn’t qualified to do it or is unaware of current safety requirements. You’ll need to find out what the efficiency rating of your new boiler is, so make sure you ask your engineer.

What Type of Boiler Will You Receive?

It’s important too that you find out what type of boiler you will be getting, forewarned is forearmed as they say and it helps if you know as much as you can about your new boiler. It could be a condensing, combination or conventional boiler, the type you get will largely depend on the type of house you live in, how many bathrooms you have and the capacity and space for a water tank.

Ask About the Heating Controls

Heating controls need to be adequate for the job, and of course suitable for your new boiler. You may already have controls in place, but they may need replacing so you can make the most of any new efficiency benefits with your new boiler. Make sure you ask about this.

Does Your Boiler Come With a Warranty/Guarantee?

Does your boiler have a warranty in place? It should and it should be guaranteed against repairs and on the installation, itself, it should include parts and labour, so check this with the engineer. What type of boiler does the heating engineer use and why? It pays to ask this as you don’t want a faulty and unreliable boiler, or a boiler that comes with expensive parts should it need repairing.

Ask about whether your system needs flushing first before installing the boiler. This will be with a power flush, this is sometimes recommended because there’s a build-up of rust and sludge that may cause future problems if you are having a condensing boiler installed. Check whether this is included with the guarantee/warranty, it may even be a requirement prior to the installation of the boiler.

Are You Entitled to Help Paying For Your Boiler Installation?

You may be entitled to a grant for your boiler to help you pay, to be eligible you’d need to be either on benefits or on a low income, or a combination of the two. There is a scheme where you can get your new boiler paid in advance and you pay it back through your energy bills, this is known as The Green Deal, you can find out more about this online.

Hometech - Plumbing & Heating Experts

Are you thinking of having a new boiler installation? Hopefully, you will have checked with family and friends and asked them for their recommendations. We rely on recommendations for work, we’re good at what we do and we’re all experienced, qualified and trained to do our jobs. We prioritise customers service and we always listen to what our customers want. Get in touch and let us know your requirements. We’re Gas Safe Registered so you’re in capable hands. 

What is a Power Flush?

A powerflush removes rust, debris and sludge from your central heating system by thoroughly cleansing it. You should care because if you don’t clean your system regularly it can become less efficient.

How can you know when your heating system needs a powerflush?

If your boiler is making loud noises and they’re little different to the usual noises you’re accustomed to, then you may have a problem. Excessive noise, dirty or cloudy water and a heating system which takes a long time to warm up could mean it needs a thorough cleanse. You may also notice a build-up of limescale.

The Powerflushing Process

The purpose of powerflushing is to help circulate the water around the heating system successfully with no noise, and to help eliminate the contaminants which cause the cloudy, dirty water.

What Happens With a Powerflush?

One of our heating engineers will use a powerful pumping unit capable of high to low pressure, which can either go to the circulation pump or pump head, depending on which type of boiler you have.

What Chemicals are Used?

The chemicals we use will include something powerful enough to break the sludge and remove it successfully, usually a descaler and corrosion inhibitor which will put a stop to further rusting. Both crust breaker and remover will be acid-based, and will be powerful enough to put an end to any particles which may have settled in the boiler, pipes or radiators. Don’t worry about the acid, there will be none left in the water once the process has come to an end.

How Long Does a Power Flush Take?

The estimated time for a power flush is around 6 hours, but it could take longer depending on the state of your central heating system. It could even take less than 6 hours if your system isn’t too badly affected.

Save Money Long-Term

A power flush can help you save money in the long-term, because if your heating system is working properly, your heating bills will reflect that. An inefficient central heating system will work out more expensive, so having it flushed will give you better results.

Hometech – The Heating Professionals

At Hometech we only use trained professionals to carry out the power flush process, making it safe and clean helping you to eliminate noisy boilers, pumps and radiators. If you’re having problems with your central heating system and you suspect it’s not working as well as it should be, get in touch with us here at Hometech and we’ll be happy to talk it through and take a preliminary look.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

If you’re toying with the idea of having underfloor heating, then perhaps we can persuade you of its benefits. After all, the winter approaches and we believe underfloor heating is something you could really benefit from during the frosty mornings ahead. Read on to find out why we think underfloor heating is a really good investment for your home.

The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can work seamlessly with heat pumps so that concentrated heat travels via a heat pump to give you hot water, while at the same time, creating a warmly heated room at a low temperature.

Lower Heating Bills, Better Control, Environmentally Friendly

It helps you to have renewable energy heating, and it delivers controlled heat to your home so you can control your heating bills better and reduce your carbon footprint. This is good news, as we’re all increasingly concerned with the impact we’re having on the environment.

Easy to Maintain

You may be surprised to learn that underfloor heating is easy to maintain and once it’s been fitted, it’s rarely in need of repair. It’s a great source of energy whether it’s water or electricity based heating.

Water Based Underfloor Heating

Please make sure that if it is water based underfloor heating, it’s installed to BS EN 1264 standards so it’s safe to use. They can guarantee 25 years at least from a water based underfloor heating system if it’s installed to these standards.

Consistent Heating

Another clear advantage from underfloor heating is that the whole floor area is heated, which gives you consistent room temperatures and it generates more heat than conventional radiators.

Design Your Rooms Without Restrictions

What you also might want to consider is that an underfloor heating system gives you ample opportunity to design your room layout as you wish. You can place your furniture where you want without having to consider where the heating supply is, and you won’t lose space due to radiators.

The Varied Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is controlled with a thermostat and gives you the flexibility to control the heat in each room. It can be controlled in such a way as to heat only the areas of the house which need heating, avoiding energy and money wastage. There’s also less risk of injuries to small children e.g. burns, as the heat source is out of sight. For allergy sufferers it’s a real source of comfort, because unlike with other types of heating using convection currents, there’s no airborne dust to worry about. 

Hometech – The Home of Quality Underfloor Heating

Get in touch with one of our professional team members and ask us about underfloor heating, once you have it installed, you’ll never look back. Our team are all professionally trained and we’d be more than happy to show you the work we’ve done before.

Choosing a Gas Safe Engineer

Why is it so important to choose a Gas Safe Engineer? It’s important because gas can be dangerous, and you need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. In order to avoid hazards and accidents which can cause harm and even death, a gas engineer needs to be in control ,and know exactly how to do their job effectively.

Is Your Gas Engineer Qualified and Trained?

Usually, any gas engineer worth their salt will have had training to ensure he/she is fully trained and qualified to do the job in a safe manner. However, when you hire someone to inspect your boiler and carry out a service check, you won’t know whether they’re qualified or competent enough to do the job, well not unless you ask.

They Should Be Gas Safe Registered

Any good gas engineer should be gas safety registered. And any good gas engineer should be busy with a healthy client base that are happy to provide glowing testimonials. A good gas engineer won’t be cheap, their training and qualifications will have been hard won, and then there’s the quality materials they use and their insurance (yes they should be insured). They shouldn’t charge you over the odds, but they should charge you a decent honest price that’s clearly set out on your bill, so you understand what you’re paying for.

Ask For Their Gas Safe ID

How do you know that the person you’re hiring is safe to do the job and that you can trust them? Firstly, make sure they are Gas Safe Registered, do this by asking for their Gas Safe ID, and then you can check this against the Gas Safe Register. There are two ways of doing this, one by phone and the other is by doing it online.

For a gas engineer it is a legal minimum requirement to have Gas Safe qualifications. There are other things you should be looking out for too, such as experience. How long have they been in the gas industry, do they have a website, if so, go check it out.

We mentioned insurance earlier, are they insured? You need to have peace of mind and that any potential damage to your property will be taken care of by a reputable insurance company.

What you’re looking for is someone who can offer superior workmanship using quality tools and parts, a gas engineer who is experienced, well qualified and always committed to giving you a reliable and trustworthy service.

Gas engineers from Hometech

Here at Hometech all of our gas engineers who are Gas Safe Registered, because we believe that in order to provide a quality service you must be qualified, trained and registered engineers. If you have need of a gas engineer, then get in touch with us here at Hometech, and we can provide you with someone honest, reliable advice. Hometech is the home of quality and expertise, and you’ll always get a job well done.

Choosing Plumbers in West Lothian

Plumbers provide service that almost everyone will use at one time or another, so it's important to know what you should be looking for to ensure you hire a plumber in West Lothian that is up to the job.  

Here at Hometech we consider ourselves the perfect choice for anyone looking for a plumber in West Lothian. We have a team of fully qualified and experienced plumbers and provide ourselves on providing a consistently excellent service.

How Do You Go About Choosing a Plumber in West Lothian?

A good place to start is by asking your friends, neighbours and your family who they’ve used in the past, as well as checking their online reviews and testimonials. You’re looking for  first hand accounts of what their previous clients think of them.

Guilds and Trade Associations

Perhaps they’re part of a guild, in Scotland check for SNIPEF (Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation). When your plumber is a member of this Federation then you know you’re getting qualified and trained plumbers you can rely on.

There are other trade associations to look out for to ensure you hire reliable plumbers. There’s the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC), and also look out for membership of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE).

Is Your Chosen Plumber Gas Safe Registered?

If you’re going to be needing help with your gas supply, then finding someone who’s registered with the Gas Safe Register is essential. This way you’ll be using someone who’s qualified and safe to work with gas.

Ask the Right Questions

Your questions should include the following, but do ask as much as you think you need to before making a decision.

  • How long have they been in business?

  • Do they have references, testimonials, examples of past work?

  • Do they offer a guarantee, and is the guarantee backed by insurance?

  • What type of insurance do they have, will it cover your property?

  • What additional costs are there apart from parking, travel and possibly waste disposal?

While you are asking these questions take note of whether they explain things clearly without jargon and are transparent about their prices.

Paying Your Plumber

When you come to play your plumber you want to ask how he/she wishes to be paid. This may be via instalments, or perhaps an upfront deposit followed by the full balance once the job is completed and you’re happy with the work.

First Class Plumbers West Lothian

Please consider Hometech on your shortlist of potential plumbers in West Lothian. We have developed a fantastic reputation for quality work and customer service with our team of qualified and experienced plumbers. Get in touch today to arrange a free consultation and quote.

Air Source Heat Pumps: The Benefits

If you’re unaware of what an air source heat pump is then this post is going to help you to find out. What’s more we’re going to explain the benefits too, because air source heat pumps are a great way of heating your home.

An air source heat pump absorbs heat from outside air. The heat, once it’s been captured by the heat pump is then used to heat underfloor heating systems, radiators, convectors and hot water.

How Does it Work?

Well, what it does is extract heat from the air outside, using methods not dissimilar from the way a fridge extracts heat from the inside. They do use electricity, so they have an impact on the environment. However, the extracted heat comes from the ground, and water or air is renewed naturally.

Should I Invest in This Type of Heating, is it Suitable For Me?

You will need to ask yourself some questions first to ascertain whether or not this is right for you.

Do you have somewhere where you can put it? - it’s going to have to go outside, on a wall or on the ground.

Your home needs to be well insulated, is yours? - Your home needs to be draught proof as well as well insulated so this type of heating system works.

What type of heating do you have currently? - It needs to be replacing either coal or an electric heating system. If you’ve been using gas, then a heat pump may not be an ideal choice.

What type of heating will you use alongside your heat pump? An underfloor heating system is better than a radiator based system.

What are the advantages of a heat pump?

They can save you money and they’re cheaper to run than both oil boilers or traditional electric heating. They save on carbon emissions and save on space as there are no storage requirements. They’re safe too, as there are no emissions or combustion involved, and there is no need for a flue. They require very little maintenance and are cool in summer as well as warm in winter.

How much money will I save?

Naturally you’ll still have to pay bills because it’s powered by electricity. If you were having problems with your old heating system prior to this one, then you will see benefits in money saving with having a heat pump. The controls will help you to have power over what you’re using, you can have a lower setting on the thermostat so you save on energy bills. When it’s installed, you’ll find out more from your installer on how to use it.

Hometech - Safe & Reliable Air Source Heat Pumps

If you like what you hear, then get in touch with us here at Hometech heating and plumbing, and we can talk you through what needs to be done in order to get your air source heat pump installed. We’re here to help and all the members of our team are helpful, fully trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of heating and plumbing – get in touch today.