5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Gas Boiler This Summer

It’s been a beautiful warm summer throughout the UK, so most people won’t be worrying about the condition of their boiler or considering having it replaced. When the weather is so good more time is spent outside and in the evening it usually isn’t necessary to have the heating on, and if it is it will be turned down. However, upgrading your old gas boiler during the summer may be a great idea, here are just 5 reasons why.

1. Finding a Experienced, Qualified & Reputable Heating Engineer Will Be Easier

The winter is the busiest time of year for gas engineers, because this is when everyone relies on their boiler and central heating system the most to heat our homes on a daily basis. This means boilers are constantly  at work to heat water and pump it around the heating system, making breakdowns more likely, especially with old models. In planning a boiler replacement during the summer you will be able to choose a heating engineer that has a reputation for high quality workmanship and a reliable service much more easily, as during the winter months they may be booked up well in advance.

2. Plan Your Boiler Upgrade Date in Advance

If your boiler breaks down during the winter, having it repaired or replaced quickly is top priority. However, this may mean having to take time off from work or using up holidays. In thinking ahead and planning your boiler replacement during the summer months you can have the work carried out at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

3. It Will Be Much Less Cold Having Your Boiler Replaced During Summer

A boiler replacement takes time to carry out, and during this period you will not have any heating or hot water. During winter, even a short period without heating can be very unpleasant, using portable heater is an option but they can be very expensive to run and not the best option if you have pets and young children. If you have your boiler replacement carried out during the summer you will still have the inconvenience of no hot water for a period of time, however, not having your central heating operational will be much less noticeable.

4. Avoid an Unexpected Expense at Christmas

Your boiler has to work a lot harder during the winter to keep your home warm and comfortable, which makes it the most likely time for an old boiler to break down. Having to deal with the unexpected expense of a boiler repair or boiler replacement in the run up to Christmas is something everyone wants to avoid. Having a boiler replacement carried out during the summer means that in the unlikely event that this new boiler breaks down, it will be under warranty and will be repaired swiftly.

5. A Summer Boiler Replacement Will Need Serviced in Summer

In order to maintain the full warranty on a new boiler and keep it working safely and efficiently an annual service is usually required. A boiler replacement that is installed during the summer will need to be serviced in summer. As we have already discussed, finding a reputable heating engineer to carry out this work is much easier to do in summer than winter as they generally have greater availability.

Need a Boiler Replacement? Speak to the Experts at Hometech

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