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Our team of qualified Gas Safe heating engineers in Edinburgh offer an expert boiler installation service to customers throughout central Scotland who are looking for a safe and reliable boiler installation. We offer boiler installations that will last, coming with a quality guarantee and follow-up service for your peace of mind.


What are the Benefits of Installing a New Boiler?

Improved Efficiency

A new energy efficient A-rated boiler can make you hundreds of pounds in savings every year as they operate at 90% efficiency or better as opposed to 55%-70% of some older boilers.

Quieter Boiler Operation

Through improved design and the use of better materials, modern boilers can be a lot quieter than they used to be. This can make a big difference if a boiler is located near a bedroom.

Smaller Size

Newer boilers tend to be more compact than older boilers, making a big difference in where you can place them in your home and allowing you to hide them away in cupboards more easily.

Lower Bills

Gas is an expensive fuel with prices often rising. If you make sure you have the most efficient boiler possible you can help bring your bills down and save money.

Environmentally Friendly

A modern boiler will bring down the overall carbon dioxide emissions from your household as it operates more efficiently, allowing you to effortlessly do your bit for the environment.

Heating Controls

Modern boilers are compatible with the latest heating controls, allowing you to control and programme room temperatures separately from your smart phone, on the go.


How Do You Get Your New Boiler installation?

Contact Us
Arrange a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and find the right boiler for your home.

Your brand new boiler will be installed by one of our highly experienced Gas Safe heating engineers.

In addition to the manufacturer and workmanship guarantee we offer a range of boiler cover packages.


What Types of Boilers Do We Install?

  • Combi Boilers

  • System Boilers

  • Regular Boiler Systems

  • LPG Boilers

  • Oil Heating

  • Electric Heating



24kw Boiler - Hot water flow rate of 9 litres per minute, supplied and fitted - from £1450

28kw Boiler - Hot water flow rate 11 litres per minute, supplied and fitted - from £1750

30kw Boiler - Hot water flow rate 14 litres per minute, supplied and fitted - from £2050