Case Study: Linlithgow Cross 19th Century Well Restoration

The Brief

The Linlithgow Cross Well is an important heritage feature in the town but had been suffering from many years of neglect. The Well has existed on the site in some form since 1535, having suffered damage and restoration a number of times. The Cross Well's design is an elaborately carved crown with a stepped base and distinct decorative features, including animal heads and other ornate carvings.

This most recent work included restoration of stone works, floodlighting and the water supply for the return of the water works, with this final aspect being undertaken with pride by Hometech.

The Work

We created a detailed plan of the work required to restore the water works to their former glory as you can see in the images attached. We carried out extensive work on the piping underground and leading into the Well as well as using a modern pump system to ensure it works perfectly for many years to come.

The Result

The entire project, including all other aspects of work such as stone-work, took 8 weeks to bring the Well back to life and make it a feature the town can be proud of. The chamber below the well had a time capsule installed with contributions from local organisations and schools for future generations to discover and enjoy.