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Offering a consistent temperature throughout your home and eliminating cold walking surfaces in tiled areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, underfloor heating is a natural choice to ensure your comfort.

This invisible heating system does away with the radiators that dictate how you organise furnishings in your home, allowing you to make full use of the space available in every room whilst also providing a consistent, comfortable room temperature.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor heating works through warm water being pumped into pipes that are laid beneath the floors surface in a screed that absorbs their heat and subsequently transfers the heat evenly through your floor to your home, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout each room.

With no radiators involved with an underfloor heating system the heat is not concentrated in a small area, instead it is spread evenly throughout each room, radiating upwards. This means that the underfloor heating system doesn't need high temperatures to work effectively.

With an underfloor heating system there are different zones that can be controlled separately, each individual room can be assigned its own temperature via a thermostat. This means you can ensure your living room and bedrooms are nice and cosy, while smaller areas or areas that you spend less time in such as the kitchen and bathroom can be set to a lower temperature to save energy and money.

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Comfort & Efficiency

Underfloor heating keeps your entire home warm whilst also saving you money on energy bills. Underfloor heating provides better heat to each room than a traditional radiator as the warm air rises consistently across the floorspace rather than radiating out from one or two sources.

simpler room Design

Because there is no need for radiators on your walls with underfloor heating you are granted much more freedom when designing the interiors of each room. Radiators often dictate where you can place furniture, without them you can configure each space as you see fit.

a safer and cleaner home

A radiator-free living space eliminates the risk of children burning themselves on them as well as ensuring nobody will catch themselves on the corner if they trip or fall. Getting rid of radiators in your home makes it a cleaner space as there will no longer be dirt and dust trapped behind radiators that can be circulated in the air when the heating is turned on.

Flexibility & Consistency

Underfloor heating allows you to control the temperature of each room individually, meaning you can take a flexible approach to how you heat your home, keeping occupied areas warm without wasting energy heating empty rooms. Radiator systems are often controlled by one central thermostat that leads to a lot of waste, this is eliminated with the underfloor heating system.

Minimal Maintenance

With underfloor heating you don't have to be concerned about constant maintenance as this type of heating does not have any moving parts and is much less prone to problems. With an expert installation any problems with the pipes will be identified and fixed immediately so you don't find yourself paying for repairs at a later stage.

Silent operation

Modern underfloor heating doesn't make any noise, meaning the sounds you will have come to associate with radiators when the heating first comes on are eliminated. You can be rid of the rumbling and creaking of a traditional heating system and enjoy a warm home in peace and quiet.