Questions to Ask When Choosing a Heating Engineer to Install Your Boiler

If you’re having a new boiler installation to replace an old one, it’s important you choose a heating engineer that is fully qualified to install it. It isn’t simply a question of sticking it in and then bingo, your boiler is working. There are certain considerations to make, such as, how do you choose a new boiler, and does it even need replacing at all? Seek a second opinion, not just because one person has told you that you need to change it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Are They Gas Safe Registered?

Before you choose a heating engineer you need to make some checks first. Make sure you confirm whether or not they are Gas Safe registered, and if you’re having an oil boiler installed, check that they’re OFTEC registered. You don’t want someone working on your boiler who isn’t qualified to do it or is unaware of current safety requirements. You’ll need to find out what the efficiency rating of your new boiler is, so make sure you ask your engineer.

What Type of Boiler Will You Receive?

It’s important too that you find out what type of boiler you will be getting, forewarned is forearmed as they say and it helps if you know as much as you can about your new boiler. It could be a condensing, combination or conventional boiler, the type you get will largely depend on the type of house you live in, how many bathrooms you have and the capacity and space for a water tank.

Ask About the Heating Controls

Heating controls need to be adequate for the job, and of course suitable for your new boiler. You may already have controls in place, but they may need replacing so you can make the most of any new efficiency benefits with your new boiler. Make sure you ask about this.

Does Your Boiler Come With a Warranty/Guarantee?

Does your boiler have a warranty in place? It should and it should be guaranteed against repairs and on the installation, itself, it should include parts and labour, so check this with the engineer. What type of boiler does the heating engineer use and why? It pays to ask this as you don’t want a faulty and unreliable boiler, or a boiler that comes with expensive parts should it need repairing.

Ask about whether your system needs flushing first before installing the boiler. This will be with a power flush, this is sometimes recommended because there’s a build-up of rust and sludge that may cause future problems if you are having a condensing boiler installed. Check whether this is included with the guarantee/warranty, it may even be a requirement prior to the installation of the boiler.

Are You Entitled to Help Paying For Your Boiler Installation?

You may be entitled to a grant for your boiler to help you pay, to be eligible you’d need to be either on benefits or on a low income, or a combination of the two. There is a scheme where you can get your new boiler paid in advance and you pay it back through your energy bills, this is known as The Green Deal, you can find out more about this online.

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