The Benefits of Power Flushing

In this month’s blog we’re talking about the benefits of power flushing and how to make sure your central heating system is maintained so you get the best out of it. Power flushing is a fast and effective way of getting your whole heating system cleaned out.

If you know how to bleed your radiators, you may have noticed that the water is dirty. If this is the case then it’s probably time to get your central heating system power flushed as this is sign of a build-up of dirt.

An effective way to clean your heating system

It’s effective because it uses high strength cleansing chemicals, using a descaler, sludge breaker and corrosion inhibitor all of which will clean out your central heating system, giving you more even and reliable heating throughout your home.

Is your boiler working properly?

The question is, how do you know when your boiler is in need of power flushing? Well, you may have noticed that your boiler is noisy and that the heat coming from it is inconsistent? Your radiators may have cold spots and are no longer able to heat up properly. If so, then it could be that your entire system needs a good clean-out and power flushing will do exactly that.

What are the benefits of power flushing?

Not only is it powerful and effective, it also extends the life of your central heating system, making it more reliable, more effective which in turn will result in more energy efficiency, which is kinder to the environment too. You’ll also save money because your utility bills will be lower. It could also help to increase hot water temperatures, so showers are no longer lukewarm when you get in in the morning. It can speed up radiator convection and give you peace of mind, and even better, less opportunity for your boiler to breakdown.

And you’ll see changes immediately

You’ll be able to feel the difference almost immediately once you’ve had a power flush clean out your system. It will start working far more consistently and efficiently. The flow of hot water will be more regular and consistent to and there’ll be a greater reduction in noise coming from the pipes.

How often should I power flush?

Normally, a power flush is usually only needed every five years or so as part of your system’s regular maintenance. However, if you’re installing a new boiler, then a power flush is a good idea. You may be interested to know that our heating engineers also provide a power flush when you have your old boiler upgraded.

Hometech can attend to all your heating needs

If you think you need your central heating system cleaned out, then get in touch with us and our dedicated team of heating engineers can help you. Give us a call today and don’t struggle on with an ineffective central heating system.