Who Do You Turn to When You Have a Problem with Blocked Drains?

As we get on with the hustle and bustle of daily living, your drains are the least of your priorities. Once you identify an issue however, it becomes a very different matter. We’d like to think you’d turn to us if you found a problem, after all, we are a premier heating and plumbing business with expert knowledge on drainage repairs Problem is, what tell-tale signs are there to watch out for when you do have a problem with your drains?

Water gurgling, water not going down the drain and overflows

Take a look around and if you don’t feel confident doing that, ask someone else to do it. Look out for broken, collapsed pipes or joints in the piping that have become misplaced. There are tell tale signs in both the bathroom and kitchen, such as water not flowing properly and constant gurgling noises. Also watch out for toilets or sinks overflowing, or water from your washing machine coming up in another area of the house, possibly the bathroom or kitchen sink, instead of draining away outside.

Always keep an eye out for those hard to spot signs

Look out for bad smells, sulphurous in nature, as this is a sign of trapped waste that has nowhere to go. In some cases, you may find that your washing machine won’t even turn on. Don’t panic, it may be that the drains that are playing up and it’s at this point, once you’ve identified some of the key points we’ve raised here, that you pick up the phone and call a reputable plumber.

Call Hometech for your drainage services

Hopefully, when you pick up that phone it’ll be us you call. At Hometech we provide a first-rate emergency/quick response service that will help you eliminate your drain issues asap, with minimal fuss. This service will include drain and toilet unblocking, the patching of damaged pipes with liners and include use of other techniques suited to the issue we’re dealing with. We’re a team of professionals who will consult with you about drainage repairs work and make sure you’re kept abreast of what’s going on all the way through the process.

No fuss, no mess, just a professional job

We’ll use CCTV footage to check what the problem is and always make sure we use the right tools and products at our disposal for blocked drains. We also strive to ensure there’s little fuss and minimal disruption to you and your family during the entire process.

Hometech Plumbing & Heating drainage services - for the best in drainage repairs

We offer solutions to all of your plumbing problems, and advice and guidance where it’s needed. No job is ever too big or small and all the work we carry out on your drains is guaranteed so you have peace of mind once it’s completed. Who do you want to call in a drainage crisis? We’re hoping you’ll turn to us.