Looking For A Brand New Bathroom?

As we leave the shorter days behind us and approach the lighter, sunnier season we’re bound to start looking around our homes and looking for those things that might need to change. The increased amount of light - and hopefully the sun’s rays - means we’ll see those faded corners, ill-fitting or worn out taps and handles and start thinking about a refurb. Today, we’re talking about bathrooms, and because we’re in the business of heating and plumbing, we see and work on a lot of them.

Experienced And Qualified, With Plumbing And Heating Expertise

The Hometech team is significantly experienced, so if you do decide to take the plunge you won’t be disappointed. We’ve a comprehensive all-trade service with a simple process offering minimal disruption and high quality workmanship. Your new bathroom installation, will be all you want it to be, and we can help plan it with you all the way to completion.

Client Planning And Consultation

Our bathroom fitters take the pain out of designing your bathroom. At Hometech we offer client planning and consultation to help design your bathroom so it’s unique to your needs. That way you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. We give you customer satisfaction guaranteed – because we care.

We Can Discuss How You Want Your Bathroom To Look

We’ll talk about the layout, and the possibility of working on creating more space, or at least the illusion of space. Or perhaps you want to fill up some space, perhaps the bathroom looks a little too large and you’d like to add storage, a few extra units to remove clutter from the floor – this is often a problem for both large and small bathrooms.

Storage Issues Can Be Resolved

Storage is important and we can figure this into your plans if it’s an issue for you. We’ll pay attention to all of the details, focusing on what matters to you so you’ll always have us listening and paying attention to what you want.

Hometech – For All Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

We’re here to help create the bathroom of your dreams, whether it’s one that’s ready-to-fit, or a design in mind that needs creating from scratch. We can help you with your bathroom installation and create the ideal place in which to relax, bathe and unwind after a busy day, in the bathroom you always wanted.

Call us today and we can arrange a time to discuss your needs that’s convenient to you.