As a landlord are you fully compliant with the latest gas safety regulations?

If you’re a landlord, you’ll already be aware the different laws and regulations you need to abide by when you rent out your property, but are you aware of the latest gas safety regulations and are you compliant? The gas safety certificate or gas safety record as it is more often known, is required by law. You can read about this in more detail in the Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1998.

What are a landlord’s responsibilities in looking after their property and tenants?

If you’re a local authority, a housing association, hostel, co-operative or private sector landlord, and you own a residential property which you rent out, then you’ll ultimately responsible for maintenance, gas safety checks - including a record of this for the tenant, and any useful information for them - so they can operate any gas facilities safely.

This also applies to those who own bedsits, B&Bs and hotels. Also included is rented accommodation used for vacations, such as chalets, flats, caravans, narrow boats, and cottages. You must ensure that a qualified and registered gas safety engineer and/or plumber carries out a gas safety check, and confirms by signature that they’be done so.

What Landlord Services do Hometech, Edinburgh and West Lothian provide?

Here at Hometech we provide quality servicing and repairs, installations and plumbing solutions. We also provide gas safety certificates and carry out gas safety checks. Don’t ignore your legal responsibilities, let Hometech carry out your gas safety checks. We also provide PAT testing, installation of smoke alarms and legionella testing.

For all your landlord services call Hometech Heating & Plumbing and give yourself peace of mind. We’re all professionally trained, qualified and knowledgeable in all of the areas we’ve discussed above, so you know where to find us if you need a property checked and tested for safety.