Property Services

Hometech’s team of dedicated all trades experts specialise in a range of property renovation and maintenance services.

Whether that’s carrying out drainage services, a complete rebuild following an insurance claim, or attending to straightforward joinery tasks such as installing cabinets or putting up shelves, our team can deliver whatever you need in a professional and timely manner, with minimal disruption.


Drainage Services

drainage installation

Before starting any drainage system installation, it’s important to understand the state of the land and soil being worked upon. This usually means excavation of trial pits, with the findings determining the type of drainage pipes required - usually groundwater or shallow drainage - and how deep the pipes should be embedded.

Hometech’s team of dedicated experts can help you find the best drainage solution for your building project and/or property and will work closely with you at all stages of the process.

drainage repairs

Drainage repairs for partially collapsed pipes or misplaced joints needn’t be as difficult as you might think. With patch repair liners and other modern techniques, repairs can often be achieved without the need to dig large trenches or numerous holes. This removes a lot of the disruption, fuss and costs that are often associated with drainage repairs.

Drainage services

Hometech offers a swift and efficient drain unblocking service to customers throughout Edinburgh and West Lothian who’ve encountered drainage problems that need urgently resolved.

Drain blockages in your home or business can cause severe disruption and have an impact on other areas of your home life or business operations. This may include, using your washing machine, dishwasher or even enjoy a relaxing bath. Our team acts quickly to minimise inconvenience, and have your property fully functioning as soon as possible. You may have a blocked drain, if:

  • your sink, bath or shower is gurgling and water isn’t flowing properly

  • your washing machine waste water is coming up in the bath or kitchen sink

  • water is sitting in pools in the garden

  • you notice unpleasant smells, indicating trapped and/or rotting waste

  • you have high rising sinks or overflowing toilets

blocked drain service

The first thing we’ll do is a prompt and full assessment of the issues you’re having, what is impacted, and what needs to be done to resolve matters quickly. Using modern tools, we’ll locate the source of the blockage and access the pipework to professionally clear UPVC waste pipes of all sizes.

Once the unblocking process is completed we’ll re-connect, re-seal and test your pipework, ensuring water is flowing properly. We also take care of cleaning and disinfecting all affected areas, as well as providing advice on the best methods for keeping drainage systems working effectively in the future.


Insurance Rebuilds

You never really know what it’s like to repair or rebuild your home after an insurance claim, until you've unfortunately lived through it. It goes without saying that it’s an extremely stressful and worrying time for all concerned.

Hometech’s team of qualified and specialist experts can take care of all aspects of the rebuild, whether that’s flood drainage, repairing damaged walls, or replacing flooring and windows. Our team of dedicated all trades specialists deliver a professional service in a timely and friendly manner, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to you.


Storage Solutions

Short of storage space in your property as your family and possessions grow? Hometech’s team of dedicated all trades experts can help solve this problem for you.

Our qualified specialists provide bespoke storage solutions, which could include, installing additional cabinets, making use of space under stairs, or simply putting up some shelves. Anything that removes the impression of clutter in any of your rooms.

No job is considered to big or small for our dedicated team and we’ll ensure that your exact requirements are met with minimal disruption and no fuss.



Tired of your living room carpet or feel that the flooring in some of your rooms could do with an upgrade?

Hometech’s team of highly skilled fitters can expertly provide a range of flooring solutions for any room in the house, including your stairs. Our experienced specialists have built an excellent reputation, both for the quality of their workmanship and their friendly customer service. And what’s more we do the job with the minimum of fuss, on time and clean up after we’re finished.