Extensions & Conversions

Our team of qualified and dedicated all trades experts carry out a wide range of building extensions and conversions.

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience renovating numerous properties, ensuring your vision of a dream home becomes a reality.


House Extensions

House extensions are an excellent way of improving the quality of your home life without the need for upheaval and the associated costs of moving house. Whether you’re looking for additional living space in your lounge, an extended kitchen, or indeed, additional bedrooms or bathrooms for a growing family, a house extension could be the answer, particularly if you love your present house and the neighbourhood.

types of house extensions

  • Single-storey house extension - an extra room in your home could be all that’s needed to transform your living space

  • Two-storey house extension - the opportunity to add an extra bedroom as well as a downstairs space could really transform your home

  • Over-structure house extension - this is built over an existing structure of your house such as on top of a garage or kitchen and is very often an additional bedroom

  • Rear house extensions - these extensions back onto your garden and are an excellent way to transform your outdoor living space alongside your home

  • Sun-rooms - different from a conservatory, a sun-room is an extra room in your home that gets an extensive amount of natural light, but is typically used twelve months a year

  • Wrap around house extension - this is a side extension combined with a rear extension.  Wrap around extensions can provide your family with much required extra space in rooms such as your kitchen or living area.


Loft Conversions

A loft conversion is a fantastic way to increase the living space in your home. Lofts are often largely unused, except for storage purposes and as a consequence, potential space is wasted. The space above your head can be transformed into an additional bedroom that may include an en suite, an office, or even a nursery or play area for your children. A loft conversion is a realistic and affordable opportunity for you to improve your home without the upheaval of moving home.

types of loft conversions

  • Bungalow loft conversion - this is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to add space, flexibility and considerable value to your bungalow. The roof extension complements the existing bungalow design and fully opens up the space in your home

  • Dormer loft conversion - these are extensions onto an existing attic space. The length of your roof, creates expanded floor and head space within the newly converted room, which generally becoming the largest room within your home

  • Hip to Gable End loft conversion - these are extensions which are added onto the end of your roof. This conversion creates additional living space and is suitable for most end-terraced, semi-detached and detached houses that come with hipped roofs. Planning permission may be required

  • Mansard loft conversion - these are large scale loft conversions where an entire roof structure can be changed. The mansard has a flat roof with the back sloping inwards at 72 degrees. Planning permission is usually required

  • Shell loft conversion - A shell loft conversion is perfect for customers working to a limited budget. It involves all major structural work being carried out, including the installation of the new structural floor, joists and dormer(s)

  • Velux loft conversion - this involves installing a window into an existing roof. It’s a fairly straight forward conversion and allows a significant additional amount of light into your property. 


Garage conversions

A garage conversion is an extremely attractive option for homeowners allowing them to maximise the living space available in their home. Garages, are not often used for car storage these days, and instead they’re typically used as storage areas for a range of household and garden items. Transforming your single or double garage into a fully functioning part of your home makes a lot of sense, especially if you have a growing family with differing leisure interests.

Garages can often be converted into larger kitchens, additional bedrooms, a bathroom, an office, or even a gym or media room. A garage conversion represents an great opportunity to change how you live, without changing where you live.

types of garage conversions

  • Attached or Integrated - this garage is connected to the main structure of the house, sometimes to one side, but also often projecting out from the front of the house with a room above, commonly a bedroom. Attached garages can usually be accessed from inside the house, making the conversion even easier.

  • Detached: Just because a garage is detached does not mean it’s not suitable for conversion into living space. Planning permission is likely to be required.


Basement conversions

As technologies become more advanced, more homeowners are converting previously damp and dank cellars and turning them into bright and comfortable living areas. Basement and cellar conversions can be ambitious, as excavations are often required and twinned with the challenges of soil conditions, high water tables, structural loads, underpinning and more.

The water proofing of cellars and basements is more commonly known as ‘Tanking’ and it involves a completely waterproof membrane being applied over masonry and floor surfaces. This is done in order to prevent any water from subsequently entering the property. However, the hard work is worth it and by extending the floor space of your property you can create a versatile suite of rooms.

Types of basement conversions

  • A basement living room extension reaching out into the garden

  • An expanded kitchen

  • A playroom or a study

  • A modern home office

  • Swimming pools and/or gymnasiums

  • Basement cinema

  • Modern studio and dark room

  • A modern games rooms for snooker and pool

  • A traditional cellar with space to store vintage wines


Renovations and alterations 

Hometech delivers a range of major high quality home extensions, kitchen and bathroom installations and other interior alterations to a number of properties in Edinburgh and West Lothian. We’re a professional, qualified and highly respected team of specialists, covering all trades, to ensure all jobs are delivered to a very high standard, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Customer service is extremely important to us and we’ll involve you every step of the way from planning and design through to the finishing touches of each and every project.


Garden Rooms And Offices 

Cheaper than an extension and less stressful than the upheaval of moving, an insulated garden room is a fantastic solution for ongoing space issues. A garden room provides you with a modern, attractive and extremely comfortable outdoor space. Double glazed and with fully insulated walls, garden rooms are designed to provide warmth and comfort all year round, and are an ideal sanctuary for peace and relaxation. Alternatively, this space can be used as a customised home office, or a studio, where peace and quiet is required.

Our garden rooms and home offices are installed by skilled and dedicated craftsmen with the experience needed to build superior products made to accommodate a range of budgets.